2 New Polls of Voters Just Left Schumer & Pelosi CRYING IN THE CORNER — They’re Done!

The security blanket of the Left has always been ‘poll numbers’ put out by non-objective research firms. That blanket is looking more and more threadbare as time goes on.

Two recent polls show a marked improvement in GOP victory chances in what is shaping up to be THE vital midterms of the modern American political age.

RedState, which somehow gets away with calling itself a conservative news site, has posted a very BRIEF article about a RealClearPolitics generic congressional vote poll, showing that Republican chances are improving ever since Congress passed the ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ in early January.

With a temerity bordering on delusion, RedState reflects that the good news is proof that “Republicans wanted to approve of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, but were waiting for them to actually get something done, in order to support them.”

So says the PurpleState.

Another survey, this one the Harvard Harris Poll, shows that in a nation purportedly overwhelmingly moderate in political affiliation (41 percent) and only 31 percent Republican, a stunning 81 percent support reducing the level of immigrants arriving in this country, reports Numbers USA.

Could this realization be why the Dumbocrats, after only three days. called off their ‘principled stand’ as termed the PARTIAL government shutdown?

If accurate, the poll may spell the death knell for the Democrats in 2018. One of their few expressed issues of concern is preserving the open border immigration system they have perpetuated for decades, but this desire appears to greatly conflict with the vast majority of Americans who are “in favor of an immigration deal that would end Chain Migration, eliminate the Visa Lottery, and grant amnesty to DACA recipients.”

NumbersUSA writes:

“According to the poll, 65% of voters would support a DACA deal that secures the Southern border, ends Chain Migration, and eliminates the Visa Lottery. A majority of voters from nearly every demographic group would support the deal, including 68% of Hispanic voters, 64% of African American voters, 64% of Democratic voters, 67% of all independent voters, 63% of liberal voters, and 68% of those who voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election cycle.”

On the economic front, President Trump is sweeping the floor with Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi thanks to his tax reforms, cuts in regulations, reinvigoration of the manufacturing sector and praising of entrepreneurs.

And on a major social issue for the Democrats, one they felt comforted by past polls in, the President turns out to be more in tune with what a majority of American want.

If the Democrats do not put partisan politics aside and cooperate with the President (and not McConnell and his lapdog Paul Ryan), they will be responsible for giving the Trump era a booster shot in 2018.


What do you think? Do the polls spell bad news for the Democrats?

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