BREAKING: Barack Obama’s Criminal Secret Goes Public – True Identity Comes Out

Nationally-syndicated radio host Mark Levin spoke out on Monday to say that he believes former President Obama knew about Hillary Clinton’s role in the FISA warrant used to surveil the Trump campaign.

“Now we know why Schiff and the rest of them are fighting so hard. Now we know why the left-wing pretorian guard Democrat media are fighting so hard — trashing Nunes, me, you, and others. Who are they trying to protect? Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, his name never comes up,” Levin said, according to The Gateway Pundit. “Let me help everybody with this. Loretta Lynch knew about these FISA warrants, Yates, the Deputy Attorney General, the extensions, Rod Rosenstein – now the Deputy Attorney General — he knew. FBI Director Comey, Deputy Director McCabe, Strzok, the head of counterintelligence, Page his girlfriend. Who else would have known about these FISA applications and warrants? We are looking at the FBI, We are looking at the Department of Justice, and we’re not looking at all, at all, at the White House.”

The New York Post‘s Paul Sperry recently reported Clinton had “contractual control,” over how the dossier was put together.

“DNC & Hillary Clinton campaign had contractual control over how the product they paid for was used & disseminated. That means Simpson & Steele had to first consult with Clinton campaign lawyers before taking the dossier to the FBI & to the media. Ergo, Hillary coordinated FBI hit,” Sperry wrote on Twitter.

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