President Trump has asked Congress for $18 billion to build his wall.

From NBC:

President Donald Trump’s Department of Homeland Security has requested $18 billion in funding to complete a wall on a portion of the U.S. Southern border in an effort to stop illegal immigration, one congressional source and one U.S. official told NBC News on Friday.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report the plan, which would include 316 miles of new fencing and 407 miles of reinforcing existing fence over the next decade.Construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall was a key campaign promise of Trump’s. At the time, he estimated the construction would cost $10 billion and cover the entire 2,000-mile border. Over 350 miles of the southern border are already blocked by physical barrier.

So far, the Trump administration has struggled to secure funding to cover just 72 miles of priority areas along the border, which have been identified near San Diego and the Rio Grande Valley.

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