Folks, the Democrats REALLY don’t want you to keep more of your money. In fact, they’re now about to SUE in order to make sure that your paycheck is smaller.

According to Fox News, New York’s Andrew Cuomo announced plans to form a coalition of ‘Blue State’ Governors and sue the federal government over the recently passed GOP tax legislation.

Here’s more from their report:

Just three states -New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut- have signed onto Cuomo’s initiative, but the group hopes to expand to California, Illinois, and other left-leaning local governments as the Republican tax cuts take effect in the coming months.

According to Fox News, the coalition blasted the legislation’s State and Local Tax Deduction, also known as SALT provision, which eliminates individual’s abilities to deduct state and local taxes from their federal filings; making people in high-tax states likely to pay more on their annual tax bill.

“Capping the State and Local Tax deduction had nothing to do with sound policy,” added New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. “It is a clear and politically motivated punishment of blue states — like New Jersey and our neighbors —who already pay far more to the federal government than we receive.”

Cuomo’s lawsuit is the latest instance of Democratic leaders struggling to stop the President’s tax overhaul. Earlier this month, California announced its intention to “seize” half the tax cut revenue of all corporations earning over $1 million.

There you have it folks. Some of these east-coast millionaires are wanting to prevent you from keeping your hard-earned money.

Nancy Pelosi’s “Armageddon” rhetoric must have really gotten to their heads.

Meanwhile, American businesses all over are thriving because of the tax cuts, and they’re giving BIG TIME bonuses to their employees:

On the heels of the GOP tax cut, Disney said it will give more than 125,000 employees a one-time $1,000 cash bonus. https://t.co/6jS2dmCHTc

— Axios (@axios) January 23, 2018

(1/3) Because of Tax Reform:

200k+ employees get a $2.5k bonus
Investing $350B in U.S.
Adding 20k+ jobs

$120M in total wage increases

200k employees get a $1k bonus
Investing $1B+ in U.S.

$100M in total employee gifts
$200M+ investment in U.S.

— Rightly News (@RightlyNews) January 25, 2018

JUST IN: Apple will give employees a bonus of $2500 in restricted stock units due to the new tax reform law. https://t.co/SxN0UqusIq

— CNBC (@CNBC) January 17, 2018

Apple and other companies are pouring money back into the USA following the tax cuts.

How does the media spin it?

“Wow, this tax cut really benefits these corporations.”


Billions of dollars is flowing back into the American economy and wages are boosting.

— Jack Murphy (@RealJack) January 25, 2018

Home Depot is also giving its staff a $1,000 bonus after tax cuts https://t.co/VdE0xEsF32 pic.twitter.com/U9m2CJgQZ0

— Business Insider (@businessinsider) January 25, 2018

Remember, every…single…Democrat voted against this.