On Wednesday night, former Trump campaign adviser and longtime friend Roger Stone told Laura Ingraham that President Trump should NOT meet with Robert Mueller under any circumstances, as it is a clear “perjury trap”.

While Stone notes that Trump has done nothing wrong, he fears that Mueller will take advantage of Trump’s desire to speak openly and freely.

“[Mueller] is taking advantage of the presidents loquaciousness,” he said

Watch below:

Stone warned that even a “first year law student” would tell Trump that Mueller is setting “an obvious perjury trap.”

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Here’s more from Fox News:

Stone, formerly of the Washington firm Black, Manafort and Stone, said Mueller and company are trying to find a way to “entrap” Trump in a “process crime.”

He dismissed the advice of former Justice Department official John Yoo, who said Trump should meet with Mueller to finally put an end to the whole special counsel probe.

Stone ripped Yoo as a “neocon” and a “Bush-ite,” and predicted that similar advice is being given to Trump from other sources as well.

He said one of the most obvious ways the public can see that Mueller’s probe is “partisan” is to compare the lack of media outrage over the missing months of Peter Strzok’s texts to the missing 18 minutes of Nixon White House tapes.

I think I’d have to agree with Roger Stone on this one. We know that this entire investigation is a witch-hunt, so WHY let him trap you into saying something that would harm you in the court of law?

We hope and pray that President Trump STEERS CLEAR of this mess and lets his lawyers handle it.

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