Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci fought back against reports that President Trump attempted to fire special counsel Robert Mueller in June of last year, saying they were “totally irrelevant” because Trump didn’t actually end up firing Mueller.

On Thursday night, CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked ‘The Mooch’ if he knew Trump had attempted to fire Mueller when Scaramucci said last month that Trump was “too smart” to fire the special counsel, and he responded perfectly.

“I actually didn’t know, but it’s totally irrelevant because he didn’t fire Mueller,” Scaramucci said. “I find it very ironic that this information is coming out while he’s here in Davos, while he’s had great fanfare … [and] I would love to get a look at somebody like Steve Bannon’s phone records to see who he’s talking to and how this information is out there.”

“[The] second thing I will say is that the president talks to everybody,” he continued. “So this information apparently happened in June – why is it coming out right now like a big water balloon on the president when he’s having a fantastic trip here in Davos, meeting with world leaders and about to give a fantastic speech about global prosperity and global growth?”

“I find this to be another one of those non-sensical stories and another red herring.”

Watch his full remarks below:

Anthony Scaramucci: NYTimes report “totally irrelevant because he actually didn’t fire Mueller” #CuomoPrimeTime

— Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) January 26, 2018

As always, Scaramucci is spot on. Why is this information barely being leaked right now? We know damn good and well that we have Anti-Trump leakers in D.C., so surely this information would have come out sooner if it were actually true.

Even if it is true….so what? He didn’t fire him…so where’s the story?

Ben Shapiro summed it up nicely:

Trump almost fired Mueller. But he didn’t fire him. So it’s tough to say “obstruction” when nothing happened.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) January 26, 2018

Sean Hannity also chimed in:

Liberal media sheep shocked @realDonaldTrump thought about firing Corrupt Mueller and his liberal team of Hillary lovers, which HE DID NOT DO! They have NO CLUE about what’s coming. Tick tock, tick tock….Stay tuned Irredeemable deplorables. Best Sean

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) January 26, 2018

Many on Twitter saw no problem with Trump thinking about firing Mueller:

Who cares if President Trump thought about firing Robert Mueller? Who hasn’t?? How about we report on things that actually happened?? This is nothing more than a distraction from #ReleaseTheMemo and #peterstrzok. They’re nervous! 😎

— 🚨Josh Cornett🚨 (@therealcornett) January 26, 2018

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